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21 June 2017, Cinema "Kinoteka", Pałac Kultury i Nauki (Palac of Culture and Science), 1 Defilad Square, Warsaw

Information about place: The Palace of Culture and Science was built between 1952 and 1955; it was a “gift of the Soviet people to the Polish nation”, offered by Joseph Stalin himself. The architect was Lew Rudniew. The Palace is the highest building in Poland, standing at 237 m (which is 42 floors) and has over 3,000 rooms, including offices, institution headquarters, two private universities and the Polish Academy of Sciences. Moreover, the Palace has a post office, cinema, swimming pool, museums, libraries and theaters. Read more ››

Information about event: the evening in the cinema “Kinoteka” will have three stages – from 18:00 until 19:00 it will be the occasion to finalize and to summarize the city game and to take part in the lottery. Afterwards, between 19:00-20:00 participants will have the opportunity to get to know each other and to start informal communication, and at 20:00 there will be an unique opportunity to see the pre-release screening of the new documentary movie “Last fisherman” in Poland and to meet with movie director and producer Leo Kaserer – the Austrian youth worker and promoter of volunteering service.

"Last Fisherman"

Directed by James Stier and produced by Leo Kaserer

Last Fisherman is a reflection and celebration of ones man life life; a life that has impacted more than just a community, but the next generation. It provides a reminder that progress, industrialism and rapid change can have a harmful impact on industries, communities and individuals. Not to mention the legacy of our forefathers. Nevertheless, in the face of change their are individuals stout of heart who band together; they favour the old ways, celebrate hard graft and always do a ‘proper job.

Banquet at the Presidential Palace “Belweder”

22 June 2017, 54 Bielańska St. Warsaw

Information about place: Belweder Palace was built in 1822 for the last Polish king Stanisław August Poniatowski. After WWI it became the residence of Marshal Józef Piłsudzki, Chief of State (an important figure in Polish history). It is one of the few buildings that were not destroyed by the German army during the Warsaw Uprising in 1944 (even though it already had dynamite holes prepared). Today, Belweder serves as an official residence of the President of Poland for meetings with representatives of foreign governments. Read more ››

Information about event: Eastern Partnership Youth Forum is organized under the Honourable Patronage of the President of the Republic of Poland, Mr. Andrzej Duda, who is inviting for the Banquet at his residentional palace “Belweder” to celebrate the beginning of the Forum in nice and solemn atmosphere.

  1. Entrance to the Palace: please note that because of the security reasons the organisers have to collect the PESEL (ID) numbers of the citizens of Poland and the passport numbers of foreign guests. Please type in your ID/passport number. Please be reminded - the lack of this information will not allow you to take part in this Banquet. My id/passport number ››
  2. Transfer: transfer from the hotel „Novotel Warszawa Centrum” to the „Belweder” Presidential Palace will be organised in two rounds – at 19:15 and at 19:45. The return transfer to the hotel will be provided at 23:00 and at 23:30.
  3. Dress code: smart casual outfit required.

Farewell party and concert, Reduta Banku Polskiego (Bank of Poland Redoubt)

23 June 2017, 43 Bielanska St., Warsaw

Information about place: the farewell party will take place in the building where memories from the difficult past and hope for the better future are both presented. This building was build between 1907-1911 for the Russian State Bank when Warsaw was under the Russian partition. After 1918, when Poland became independent, it was occupied by Polish State Bank, and finally it was destroyed during the WW II. It was a ruin until the moment when Poland became independent again in 1989 and was sold to a private commercial investor in year 1993. Read more ››

Information about event: organisers of the Forum invite participants for gastronomic and musicial feast to this remarkable place.

  1. Transfer: transfer from the hotel „Novotel Warszawa Centrum” to the Polish Bank Redoubt will be organised in two rounds – at 19:15 and at 19:45. The return transfers to the hotel will be provided at 00:00 and at 00:30.
  2. Dress code: the dress code is lack of the dress code – please feel free to wear what you like ;-)

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