Transfer from/to the airport
Organisers do not provide transfers from the airport. There are will be two info points at the arrival hall at the airport where you can get practical information about transport options. Please find enclosed the *.pdf file (Transfer information) with more practicalities.

Ticket types and fares
Tickets entitle you to use various means of transport, including bus, train, tram, metro and urban rapid rail lines.

In public transportation run by ZTM, only tickets issued by ZTM Warszawa are accepted. Such tickets may be bought across the network, including at Passenger Service Centers, post offices, authorized points of sale and ticket vending machines. Warsaw is divided into communication zones (1st and 2nd), but the 2nd one mostly covers urban areas around Warsaw, so you will want to take the 1st most of the time.

Validating machines are found by the door on all buses, trams, and urban rapid rail. In the metro however there are entrance gates installed before you are allowed access to the underground platforms. These gates have a dedicated area for swiping proximity cards and a small slot for ticket validation. Unlike other means of transport, the metro requires you have to validate your ticket every time you enter.
Type nad price
  • 20-minute (Time ticket) - 3,40 PLN
  • Single fare transfer ticket (unlimited number of journeys for a period 75 min. or a single journey to the last station) - 4,40 PLN
  • Short-term ticket (24h) - 15,00 PLN


It will be ~20 degrees Celsius but bear in mind that the temperature you will feel might be higher than that.

Money and currency

Poland's national currency in Poland is the Polish Zloty (PLN). It is the only currency accepted in most places.

Paying with credit cards is popular in Poland, but some places (such as museums and small shops) accept cash only.

There is a very well-developed infrastructure of ATMs and money exchange offices (Kantor in Polish) all over the city.

Average exchange rate is 1,00 EUR = 4,10 EUR. Please do not exchange money at the airport exchange offices – the rates there are much lower.

Please do not exchange money at the airport exchange offices – the rates there are much lower.

Dress code

Smart casual.

Banquet in Presidential Palace “Belweder”, 22 June at 20:00

Please note that because of the security reasons the organisers have to collect the PESEL (ID) numbers of the citizens of Poland and the passport numbers of foreign guests. Please type in your ID/passport number. Please be reminded - the lack of this information will not allow you to take part in this Banquet. My id/passport number ›

Sharing space

An opportunity to explore existing good practice, books and expert advice on youth work. We will create special youth library and info points together.

Please bring publications, brochures and leaflets on youth work and youth policy topics you would like to share with other participants of the Forum. It is also the place to share informational materials about your organization.

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