Discover Warsaw! The repertoire of attractions is very rich, both in terms of architeture as well as the history and monuments of the capital. You will meet Warsaw Mermaid, if you go well even three times and also will find out where the Warsaw Meridian runs and take up the challenge in the Saski Garden and many others. You will certainly be fascinated by the Copernicus Science Center building and the palm tree in the center of the French general's roundabout. Yes, the palm tree! :) Stay with us on Wednesday!

During the game you can catch not only photos. Sweet suprise and nice gifts are waiting for you!

At the Forum's reception please take your name-badge and the envelope with the special map for the city game (it is an optional offer of the activity for participant who will arrive to the hotel before 18:00). The game will start at 15:00 and will last until 18:00, but you can start it whenever you want. Just remember that you need about 3 hours if you want to visit all places marked at the map. Please plan your route accordingly to the time that is at your disposal. There are different tasks (cultural, photographic, gastronomic, etc.) which will wait for you in places specially marked at the map.

The final destination of the game is the cinema “Kinoteka” in Palace of Science and Culture. Those of you who will reach the cinema will be invited to take part in a special lottery. The evening programme “Europa in cinema” will start at 19:00.
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